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So my sewing and craft journey continues this week with this pretty simple project from happyhourprojects.com. A really cute project to make a reusable sandwich bag using recycled plastic bags and pretty fabrics.

This is how the original looked:

Now before I show you how my own turned out I have to tell you that the instructions here are fantastic. They are simple but detailed enough to follow through for a novice like me. There were also plenty of pictures.

So any problems with this project are due to me and not to the original instructions. Anyway, here is my own version.

Sandwich bag1

Sandwhich bag2

OK so I did run into a few problems here. Firstly I did stitch down the flap like the instructions said which left me with a distinctive envelope shape instead of a pouch. So I had to add a button and a loop. I am also not sure how you are meant to add a loop so I just put some embroidery thread through and knotted it.

Secondly I am still learning how to use my sewing machine. I keep getting it so one side is stitched in a perfectly dashed line but the reverse is a knotty mess. You can see what I mean on the inside of the bag.

I saw my all-knowing Grannie yesterday and she said that the tension between the lower and upper threads must not be balanced so I will have to read through my instruction book on how to fix that this week.

Other than those problems I am pretty pleased to get another project complete. I enjoy working on them on a Saturday morning when the back bedroom catches the sunlight, and I would love to make my own clothes someday. For now I want to keep on doing these little projects and hope to master these basic skills.

The next project I have in mind is a ‘glow-in-the-dark’ make up bag. Already that sounds pretty cool right?