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Last Saturday Rob and I went to an 80s themed party to celebrate a friends 40th We only realised the week before that this meant fancy dress was an option! It has been years since I last attempted any form of fancy dress so I decided to give it a go!

With limited time and budget I tried to put together an outfit that channeled some 80s fashion, using Madonna as an inspirational starting point.

Apologies in advance, we didn’t have much light taking these photos!

So here is my before:


And my after!


The Outfit: I tried to include as many 80s style staples as possible:

  •          Off-the-shoulder crop top. Mine was from ASOS, and whilst I love the neckline, I was not quite brave enough to expose my midriff so I wore a vest top underneath.
  •          Something loud/extreme – 80s fashion was about excess and drama so I wanted to have one dramatic piece. Fluorescents are a good option but I thought a metallic look might be equally fun and also had more chance of being worn again. I found this amazing skirt from Glamorous on ASOS. It is just so very shiny! At £10.50 it was a pretty good bargain and it is also exceptionally good at swirling! See evidence below:



  •          Fingerless mesh gloves – From Claire’s Accessories. I know I am supposed to have outgrown Claire’s by now, but the thirteen year old in me still can’t resist their bubblegum coloured treasure trove of a shop.
  •          Footless tights – Classic
  •          All the jewellery – Why wear one necklace when you can wear ten? I loved this look of piling on the necklaces and bangles until every movement was accompanied by a delightful sound of clinking and clanking.

Make up & Hair



Hair – I spent about half an hour back combing, teasing  and hair spraying, trying to make my hair as big and wild as I could. Probably would have been more successful if I had employed rollers!

Make up – For Make-up I wanted to go over-the-top so I plastered the stuff on! Lots of blusher just under my cheek bones, a red lipstick that was always too close to orange for me to normally wear and I had this master plan for my eyeshadow!


I tried to put purple on the inner corners of my lid then swap to green on the outer half. With a dash of gold shimmer around the outer edges.

I know that sounds amazing but what I actually ended up with is a standard smoky eye! Never mind, it still looks pretty good.



With my shimmering skirt, fingerless gloves and layers of gothic necklaces I was feeling ready to go out and join Wham, Michael Jackson, the Blues Brothers and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and dance the night away!