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I am coming to the conclusion that Saturday is my favourite time of the week to sew or craft. It just seems that the projects I attempt on a Saturday come together much more easily than the ones I work on during the week. Maybe it is something about being more relaxed??

Anyway, today I have started AND completed the make-up bag that has been on my mind to do for the last few weeks. I have a habit of choosing a different lipstick to wear each day and then end up with half a dozen rattling around my big handbag and then I can never find the one I want.

So I decided to make my own make-up bag, that way all my lipsticks will be in one place and my poor handbag would have a little less chaos to deal with.

I found this five minute tutorial on You Tube which looked tremendously easy to follow, and just added one twist to make my make-up bag a little bit special – glow-in-the-dark fabric!

Who doesn’t love glow-in-the-dark! And think of how useful it would be if I was out camping – trying to find my make up in a dark tent, or just trying to root it out of my bag in a dimly lit pub!

I bought a starry night fabric for the outside of my bag, and for the lining used this pink floral piece from my small stockpile.



I got to work and am happy to report that I have managed to adjust the thread tension since my last blog and the lines are now coming out all neat and tidy. (all I had to do was turn a dial on the sewing machine!)

The instructions in the video are really easy to follow and the bag came together pretty quickly.


Zipped up

And look there it is in all of it’s starry beauty. I really love this fabric and I have thoroughly tested it and it does indeed glow in the dark! But my camera was not able to capture it.


Oh and the other thing I love about this bag is it’s capacity. Honestly it fits in everything! I tested it straight away and it holds all of my normal day wear make up with loads of room left over!

FilledSo ta-da! Sewing project complete, make-up problem solved and glow-in-the-dark fun; not bad for a Saturday afternoon!