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I love old things. Second hand shops, ruins, old books, I love it all. Anything with history will instantly capture my attention and if the history of an item or a place is lost or unknown I am doubly fascinated.

So when Rob and I stumbled upon this abandoned cottage on a walk through the fields you can imagine how difficult it was to tear myself away from it.


The garden was completely overgrown with brambles, so much so that you couldn’t even reach the front door. It reminded me of Sleeping Beauty where Maleficent makes the thorns grow and wrap around the kingdom. It definitely felt like nature was trying to smother and hide this sturdy little cottage terrace.

One of the front window panes was missing so we crept closer and took turns sticking our head through to have a good look inside.

It was atrocious and wonderful! The place was mostly trashed, not a single inch of carpet was visible under the amount of rubbish and wrecked furniture. A lot of the plaster on the ceiling was gone and there was a fairly unpleasant smell about the place.



But some things had been left in surprisingly good condition. There was a dresser/shelving unit that looked salvageable, and the books on the shelves looked like they had avoided most of the incoming rain, even though the shelves they sat on were pretty warped. Those bookcases were so tempting, I seriously considered climbing in through the narrow window to get at them. And I have not decided yet whether to go back and go raid them.


Most eerily of all, there was a pair of glasses resting neatly on the fireplace as if their owner would come back and pick them up any moment.

We could see there was a kitchen behind the lounge that was equally as trashed and there was a back door that was open. So we made our way round the side of the house to try and get in that way.

But the kitchen was worse than the front room. There was so much junk and rubbish on the floor I decided not to risk walking on it. What if I fell through a rotten floor into a basement! Plus the smell was much stronger in the kitchen and the image of rat nests hidden in the mess came strongly to mind.


There were also some outbuildings outside of the house that were again full of abandoned bits of furniture. We even found some photo slides of Chester Zoo that were dated back to the 70s. Rob pocketed a couple of these. Well, we had to take something and the clock wasn’t going to fit in my pocket!

Eventually we left the house behind and continued on the walk, but my head was spinning with questions. Who left all that stuff behind? Who owns the cottage now? Who trashed the place? And why, when everything else was chucked about and broken, did they leave the reading glasses gently folded on the fireplace?