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As I have shared before I have a soft spot for Steampunk. It’s pretty and intricate but still durable and tough looking at the same time. Which is why I was delighted when Rob picked up this adorable key chain at the last Vintage and Craft Fair in Nelson.


Isn’t it a beauty! It was made by the wonderfully imaginative Shauna Withnell and I do hope that she makes appearance at the next Fair because all of her creations are stunning!

I love being able to incorporate a bit of Steampunk into my day because as much as I would love to wear goggles and corsets about the place, I am not sure if I could pull the whole look off. But this intriguing little trinket fits right into my pocket no problem!

I imagine that these little cogs are the fairy dust of the Steampunk pixies! And if I ever used them on someone they would turn into a clockwork person like those Doctor Who villains in ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’. So I am being very careful with my little bottle, I don’t want to create an army of clockwork people…


Although that does sound really cool!