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I have found the dress that I am going to live in this summer. It was love at first sight in Debenhams in Harrogate when I was shopping with my Mum a few weeks ago. This wonderful navy, strawberry print shirt dress just called out to me with its daisy print belt and cute breast pocket.

Strawberry dress

In short; it’s gorgeous and it’s mine. And two weeks after buying it, it was in the sale in Manchester!

I did have a slight problem with the buttons gaping at just the wrong bra-revealing level, but I’ve since added a press stud to close the gap. This is the first time I’ve ever added a press stud to an outfit and now I can see how effective it is, I will no longer be sighing wistfully over blouses and shirt dresses that normally I have to leave behind.

Adding a press stud in theory is a five minute job but because I was in a rush I first stitched one side on upside down so I had to unpick and redo it, then I stitched the other half in-between the wrong buttons and had to unpick and redo it again. So the job took more like 20 minutes, but idiotic moments aside this really will be a quick fix to apply in the future.


Anyway I debuted the dress this weekend at the Howarth 1940’s weekend (more on that to come) and I am happy to confirm that this is the perfect summer day dress. The fabric is light and the fit is flattering and comfortable. The skirt length is long enough to allow free movement without worrying about compromising your modesty but not so long that it stops your legs soaking up the sun. Oh and the print is unquenchably cheerful!



So I am giving a 10/10 for H! by Henry Holland, I am now fully prepared for any future sunny days!