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Haworth is one of my favourite places to visit and for years I’ve wanted to see their 1940s weekend but I kept missing it, well this year we finally made it. Dad, Mum, Rob and me all packed into a hot car last Saturday afternoon and crossed the moors to get to Haworth.

It was so worth it! The sky was so very blue and clear, and the union flag bunting looked magnificent fluttering in the breeze.

DSC_0462And the place was packed. Like really really packed full of people.


But fabulous people, with amazing hair and fantastic costumes. Normally, Howarth always leaves a big empty space in my purse as I love to shop there, but this time all I wanted to do was people watch! And there was plenty to see from shady looking gentlemen with pipes….


to beer-carrying, sunglasses donning nurses!DSC_0481

 Oh and this woman, who is the definition of glamour!

DSC_0488Heading away from the busy high street and into the park, the festivities continued. There was music, dancing, singing, vintage cars, military displays, a vintage market and delicious food scents drifting over the green. Glorious!

DSC_0509DSC_0450Even the puppy dogs had a touch of vintage glamour about them!

DSC_0431 DSC_0442


Mum pointed out during the day that men in suits and uniform seem to hold themselves differently; they have better posture and a little bit of a strut in how they walk. She was totally right, it was also true of everyone in costume, heads were just held a little bit higher, they moved with a bit more confidence. And for those of us not in costume, we were all in happy summer clothes because of the amazing weather. There was such a happy confident atmosphere about the place, it was fantastic!



DSC_0525And just before we left to head home we caught these two phenomenal singers perform some classic 1940s hits. They danced, they sang, they quipped jokes. And that red dress! Perfection!


These 1940s weekends seems to pop up in quite a few places around the area, and I’m looking forward to getting to the next one. Maybe it is even time to invest in a costume of my own!