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Years ago in Home Bargains I impulsively picked up and bought a very cheap make-up pack that was simply huge! It came with six eye shadow palettes, an eyeline, mascara, lip liner, two blushers and four lip colours.

The brand was Active Cosmetics and I have never come across them again but it appears that you can still find them online. Now, most of the make-up was unremarkable but the eye-shadows are the exception, they are fantastic.


These two sets are my favourite, they don’t come with fancy names but the colours are really pretty and they blend together so easily even a make-up muppet like me can handle them. I especially like the purple ombre colours!


These little palettes are also the perfect size for slipping into a handbag, even a tiny clutch isn’t a problem. Not that I really need to touch up as the staying power is pretty impressive, especially if I am already wearing primer.


Oh, and I do know that you are meant to chuck make-up out every few months and certainly it is not meant to last years, but I don’t care, I have never seen this brand in the shops since that one impulsive buy, so until someone can offer me a replacement I am not giving them up!


So I am writing this as a reminder to myself and to others that sometimes make-up bargain bins can hold treasures if your willing to take a risk!