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Last Friday evening Rob and I were sat on the sofa. We had just eaten tea whilst watching an episode of Elementary (we are on season one and have found that as long as you don’t compare it to BBC Sherlock, it is quite enjoyable). We were pondering what to do with our evening when I turned to Rob and said ‘Let’s go and get that Lego Marvel game.’

Within half an hour we were at ASDA’s check out buying the game along with some coke and a bottle of coconut rum. We spent the rest of the night battling super-villains, a bowl of popcorn depleting between us. It was a good night.

These are the times when I am so grateful I married a fellow geek. I am grateful that my husband and I share the same concept of fun; that the same things make us laugh, that we indulge in the same silliness. As Simon Pegg so eloquently explained, the defining characteristic of geeks is enthusiasm, and enthusiasm tends to lead to lots of spontaneous fun.

Here are some of my favourite geeky memories I have shared with Rob:

That first weekend we spent having a ‘Spaced’ marathon. We had only just started seeing each other and the fact that he kept wanting to watch ‘just one more’ episode rapidly increased his fanciability ranking in my eyes.

When we discovered that the reason why I couldn’t get in to comic books was that I was just reading the words and not really looking at the pictures. Turns out comics and graphic novels are much more engaging when you slow down to appreciate the artwork!

Lego heroes

When I laid out all of our Lego Mini-figures and realised our collection may be getting out of hand.

Losing an entire Saturday playing Dynasty Warriors and not even realising how long we had been playing until we got very hungry.

Declaring everything ‘Mathmatical’ or ‘Algebraic’ after being introduced to Adventure Time, and diagnosing one another with ‘poo brain’ whenever we disagree about something.

Nerf gun fights!

When Rob sets up the computer screen downstairs, next to the telly, so that we can play on different consoles side by side.

When I was flagging during a jog and just as I was falling behind Rob grabbed my hand and yelled ‘Run!’ We sptinted the last stretch, hand in hand, Doctor Who style!


Simply put; geeks have more fun!