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A couple of weeks ago whilst exploring one of my old favourite summer spots at a river bank, I collected some fragments of glass that had been smoothed down by the water. I kept calling them sea glass but Rob pointed out that as they came from a river I should really call them river glass.


When I was a child I used to collect all sorts of bits and bobs; acorn cups, snail shells, sea shells, feathers and even ‘pretty rocks’. I still find it impossible to walk past Horse Chestnut trees in October without having a good scout among the falling leaves for conkers.

But now that I am a grown up I have to be a bit more restrained and intentional with my magpie impulses. Rob’s Mum gave me a wonderful book for Christmas last year called ‘Etcetera’ by Sibella Court. It’s an interior design book packed with beautiful photography of rooms packed with all manner of natural and quirky collections. This book came to mind when I found the river glass and I decided that I would take it home and find something to do with it.

I had a few ideas in my head but in the end I went with the simplest plan.

Step 1: Get a glass jar

Step 2: Arrange the glass in the jar

Step 3: Put jar on shelf

Seaglass3 So easy and so pretty! I really like how well it sits with my thread holder. I like having the mixed textures of iron, glass and thread. It just makes this little corner of a room a bit more interesting.