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I did a quick little craft project this weekend. I wanted to add a little bunting to my notice board to pretty it up a bit.

I didn’t want to delve in to my fabric so I got out some craft paper cut it into strips, then into squares and cut out my triangles using a template I had printed out.

triangleEIt didn’t take very long before I had about 20 little triangles cut out and that was using my beautiful but slightly impractical thread scissors because I couldn’t summon the energy to go downstairs and get the more practical scissors.



It was then a matter of attaching the triangles to my thread. I did a test thread with a few experiments; I tried stitching, sellotape and punching holes and threading them through. In the end I used a good old glue stick, and then spaced them out with a ruler to keep it even.

Sticking.Ejpg And here is the end result:



I think it just makes my board look a little bit more fun. For the curious among you the following bits and pieces are on my notice board:

  • A photo of my friends wedding
  • Signed ticket from a Jimmy Carr stand up show
  • A photo of moss that went through a printer that was out of ink, so the photo came out in all these washed out blue and purple colours. It was a happy accident because I love these colours.
  • Becky’s Cake Boutique card
  • A card with some scriptures from Proverbs
  • Tickets to see Wicked for our anniversary
  • Ticket to a Sixth Form production of Evita that my good friend was in
  • Cinema ticket to Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
  • A Benefit make up card that says: ‘If at first you don’t succeed…. apply more lipstick!’
  • Wrist bands from Soul Survivor
  • Butterfly bookmark
  • Craft business card
  • Lego Minifigures collectors list
  • Oh and my pin cushion mouse ‘Bernard’ is hanging about too.

Now all I need to go is actually get the notice board on to the wall! There’s always one more job to do!