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After spending a week glaring out of the office window at the blue skies and sunny world that I couldn’t go out and enjoy due to the necessity of having a job, I was really looking forward to Saturday where I could spend all day in the garden with my book (Gone Girl) and regular intakes of ice cream.

However, it got to mid-morning and I realised that we didn’t have any ice cream in the house so Rob and I headed to the trusty Spar to stock up. We took a short cut through the grounds of this ruined church and as the sun was absolutely golden we stopped to take a couple of pics.


20140712_115030-2The dress is an old ASOS one and is very good for sun bathing. Originally it was strapless but I struggle with strapless dresses; they are always trying to slip down! My Mum added the ribbon for me so I could wear it as an halterneck when I am up and about and easily undo it to avoid straplines when sunbathing.


The shoes are the most comfortable sandles I own. They are from New Look and are about six years old, they go with everything and I can wear them all day without any pain. Who would have thought that £7 summer shoes from New Look would prove to be a long lasting success!


20140713_135134I love the big ferns growing out of the wall here, and that exquisite gate. I even love the uneven paving stones!


Eventually we had to leave the church and go get those ice creams! The rest of the day was spent in a lazy blur. I’ve just one more week left at work now and then I get two weeks of freedom to drench up every moment of sunshine the English weather allows!