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Warning this will be a long post!

Last week I went to my first ever Comic Con! Rob booked tickets for us to go to the one in Manchester. It has been running for a couple of years now and it has been growing steadily and this year they held it over two days instead of just the Saturday.

We had tickets for the Sunday which I think meant that the place was fractionally less crowded. But there was still plenty of people there and about a third were in Cosplay. I was a little shy to do cosplay this year but I would love to go for it one day. For now I settled for my superman t-shirt.

I wanted to share some of our highlights starting with my favourite cosplayers!

These guys greeted us at the entrance!

These guys greeted us at the entrance!


Vampire Willow!

Boba Fett looking threatening

Boba Fett looking threatening


But Two Face gets the award for most menacing eyes!

In-between people watching we spent a long time browsing the many stalls. There was a fantastic variety from geek fashion, collectibles, comics, art work and just cool stuff!

DSC_1144This guy is called Jon Turner and as well as having a beautiful display his work was fantastic. We picked out a couple of his prints, which was tough because there was a lot to choose from. You can check out his website here.




These postcards were so cheerful I collected a handful, I’m planning to get them framed and put them up in the kitchen at some point!



These guys were selling the cutest and funniest t-shirts. Rob bought the ‘Release the Attack Kittens!’ one. You can see their stuff here.

Matt Dixon

I loved Matt Dixon‘s Robot series, so much we bought his Transmission book which is beautiful, whimsical with just a little touch of melancholy. It was great to be able to meet the artist, and Matt has happy to talk about his work and share tips with people on equipment and technique. He signed the book for us to Mr and Mrs Browne.


I was very tempted to purchase this jacket!

After plenty of shopping we went to a couple of the talks. We met Ross Mullan who plays the White Walker in Game of Thrones and a Silence in Doctor Who. The characters he plays have such a foreboding presence but Ross is very sweet and friendly, it’s hard to believe that such a nice guy plays so terrifying characters! He even put a heart on the photo he signed for us!

We also got to see him in a panel along with James Cosmo talking about Game of Thrones. Then afterwards there was a Q&A with the voice actor who played Edward in Full Metal Alchemist (along with hundreds of other roles, that’s just where I know him from!), Vic Mignogna. Now Vic is clearly an old hat at this, he was funny and confident. He roamed around the lecture theatre and gave really thorough answers. It was a fantastic experience for a first time comic con goer like me!



Then all too soon it was time to head home. We left with arms full of swag and when we got home the first thing we did was lay it all out on the floor and then just sat and admired it for a while. We will certainly be going back next year!