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My wonderful Mum managed to acquire three beautiful boxes of Dewhurst’s Sylko Threads for me. Dewhurst’s used to run a huge cotton mill in Skipton. I found some interesting infomation about the comapny on a blog here. These look pretty vintage to me but I’m not sure how old they are.


The boxes alone are wonderful to look at and the thread inside is equally stunning. I adore the baby blue colours!



So here is the question, can I actually use these beautiful threads or should they stay preserved as collectors items? They are so beautiful to look at as they are it would be hard to use them up, on the other hand would it be a waste of good quality thread if they are never used for their created purpose?

DSC_1335They feel like they have a lot of history in them, I think I would only use them in very special circumstances. For now I am happy to keep them and gaze longingly at them!