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I am writing this on Monday afternoon at the start of a week where both Rob and I are off work. Hurrah! We will be going away for a couple of days at some point but as my car has just had an expensive trip to the garage (trying not to resent this too much, all cars need repair from time to time) we will be mostly staying at home, pottering and chilling out.

Rob wants to do some work on the other car this week (two cars in a family, twice the car maintence!) so this morning we set off to three different hardware stores to try and find the part he needed (no, I don’t remember what the part was). We went to one store in Nelson, then B&Q on the M65 and then when that failed we tried Halfords in Burnley. It was like a mini-tour of nuts and bolts in Lancashire.

Except I didn’t actually go in to any of the hardware shops, instead I went to the nearest place of interest to me. So when we went to B&Q I browsed Pendle Village Mill for it’s quirky furnishings, then when Rob was looking in Halfords I nipped into Sports Direct and picked up some new trainers for £11. Bargain!

All of that is a long way round to tell you that whilst Rob was part shopping in the independant store in Nelson I had a look in Wilkinson and made good use of the ‘three for two’ offer on some of the prettiest stationary I have ever seen!

DSC_1339Look how pretty that is! I love the blue which is a couple of shades lighter than the photos would imply.

DSC_1343First of all, I’ve needed one of these expanding files for awhile. I have a whole stack of papers that don’t fit into my current filing system, odds and ends that I need to keep organised but don’t fit into the ‘car’, ‘finances’, ‘job’ etc folders I already have set up. The file was £3.75 and well worth it for a practical and pretty piece of stationary.

DSC_1341Next up was the matching pencil case for £1.75 which includes a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and sharpener. As this was the cheapest of the items I bought this is the one I got for free! I am half tempted to take it to work to brighten up my day there, but stationary, especially good stationary has a habit of disappearing in a busy office. It might be safer to keep it at home!

DSC_1340Finally I bought this washi tape set for £2. I’ve been tempted to pick some washi tape a dozen times but I’ve resisted so far not sure of how often I would actually use it. But recently I’ve decided that I want to keep more tickets and momentos in my many diaries and notebooks and washi tape will be a great way to keep them looking nice. Plus it can only mean good things for my present wrapping!

So there you have my three purchases and with the three for two offer it came to a grand total of £5.75. There was plenty more stationary to choose from and two or three designs worth looking at. I have no idea how long this offer will run for but I would say it is worth checking out whilst this offer lasts!

Oh and if you were wondering Rob found the part he wanted in Halfords but it still didn’t do the job he wanted it do when we got home. Conclusion: stationary shopping is way more fun than car maintenance!