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A collection of advice on being a lady from a variety of sources. Sometimes useful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit dated and often irreverent! You can see the first post here.

Today’s quote of choice is a little more silly and a little less important than the first one. It is from ‘The Nice Girl’s Guide to Good Behaviour‘ by Monica Redlich, written in 1935, I’ve written about this tongue-in-cheek satirical guide before and even though it was written for comedic purposes rather than instructional I have decided to include it in my Graceful Manners series anyway.

The theme is compliments from men:

A really nice man will always take the first opportunity of expressing his admiration for the clothes she is wearing. Indeed, if he does not you may begin to suspect that he is not nice, though it does sometimes happen that a man remains silent because he is so much enthralled by the mere fact of your presence that ordinary conversation is entirely beyond him.

There you have it ladies, if you ever fail to elicit a compliment from a man it may be because you have rendered him speechless with your presence, so there is no need to fear, you are as fabulous as always whether your admires can express their appreciation or not!