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Cookies and Book

The months are flying by; my summer holidays are over and although I know most people would disapprove, a part of me is looking forward to autumn now, brown boots and knitted jumpers only a month or so away!

In August I’m currently…


Reading – The Chocolate Lovers’ Club by Carole Matthews. It’s pure chick-lit indulgence, and just what I fancied after being back at work for a week and realising the holidays were over! Now you don’t have to read it snuggled under a duvet with a packet of biscuits, but I highly recommend it.


Listening – To the rain lashing down the windows last night. I love the sound of heavy rain. I love weather in general, but there is something about heavy rain falling that is just such a good sound. Last night Rob and I paused the film we were watching to go stand at the window and watch it fall in the streetlights. Heavy rains and blustery winds meant the rain was moving in waves across the roads. Spectacular!


Watching – Extant on Amazon. I am mostly enjoying this, I normally find conspiracy plots in stories tiresome, there are only so many times you can watch a person yell out ‘I’m not crazy!’ But there is enough going on in Extant to keep me interested, mainly Grace Gummer’s character Julie. I’m watching the show to find out how she copes with her motherly feelings towards Ethan.


Oh and I’m also watching Great British Bake Off. I’m pretty late to the Bake Off party as I only started watching it last year, but I do love it. It’s just such a happy show and it is full of cake! What’s not to love? So far my favourite bakers are Nancy and Norman!


Eating – Chorizo. I don’t know why it has taken so long for us to start buying chorizo after loving it for so long but chorizo is a new regular occupant in our shopping trolley. The only problem is we use it up so fast! My favourite chorizo dish is frying up some diced chicken, adding onions, chopped tomato, chorizo, spinach and a dollop of yogurt to make it all creamy. I tend to add pepper and coriander but let the chorizos bring the flavour. Serve it with pasta and you have a meal that gives you that happy sleepy feeling afterwards!


Wearing – New grey converse-style pumps. I picked them up in Sports Direct for £11 and they are so very comfortable! I am terrible at buying shoes that fit, look nice and don’t injure my poor abused feet, so I am going to award myself a gold star for a successful shoe shop!


Feeling – Sad to hear the news that Robin Williams has passed away. It is strange that a man I have never met and who never knew me has brought so many happy moments to my life. I grew up watching Popeye, Mrs Doubtfire, Hook… He was great at bringing joy to people.


It’s been a strange year; I’ve had a number of friends lose loved ones and family members through depression and suicide or nearly lose them through attempted suicide. I’ve not been connected directly to any of them but a lot of people I know are dealing with the ripples (more like tidal waves) that depression and mental illness cause.


I guess what I have learned is that at it’s heart depression and suicide are not really logical. Just because someone is depressed does not mean they are not loved, it doesn’t even mean that they don’t know that they are loved. They are just in an awful lot of pain and there aren’t easy answers and quick fixes.




Hoping – There is always hope. There is hope for better days. There is hope for change. One of my favourite sites Den Of Geek has posted this list of where people can get help in the UK which is a good place to start.

I was watching The Two Towers recently and this quote from Sam I think perfectly sums up the spirit of hope we all need to hold on to.


Be good to each other out there!