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Before the weather turned on us, Rob and I grabbed an evening after work to drive up to Barley and have a walk around the reservoir. We were both a bit tired and jaded but it is amazing how much good it does us to get out of the house and walk the last couple of hours of sunshine.


We wandered slowly around the water and through the wood that clings to the hillside. We stopped often so Rob could take photos, that’s one of the things I love about being married to a photography enthusiast; you get to stop often and take in sights that are beautiful or interesting.


When we visit places we get to take our time, walk slowly, get distracted, be curious about what is behind that corner… Even if it is a place we have been before we nearly always find something new to make us smile.

Even if it is just some wild flowers!


DSC_1040Or the way the light changes when you step into the woods and can spot spiders spinning webs in the tree stumps.




DSC_1012When we came out of the trees we got to see this amazing view of the hills and fields!


DSC_1110When it was time to go I felt really relaxed. I don’t know why I don’t get out and walk more often, it always lifts my spirits!