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September is one packed month for me. A new year starts at College so we go from sleepy ghost town over the summer months to a manic metropolis in the space of two weeks! It takes a bit of adjustment but I do prefer it when it is busy at work, even if you leave at the end of the day feeling a little bit brain dead!

So now that we are in the swing of things, currently in September I am….

Reluctantly  buying Christmas Decorations. I know, it’s bad! Here is how it happened. I was in TK Maxx and spotted a Christmas display. I tutted, rolled my eyes and said to Rob ‘Are those Christmas Decorations? It’s too soon for Christmas!’

Then I walked closer and saw the display was full of tree decorations shaped like woodland animals, there were hedgehogs, deer, rabbits, squirrels, bears and most importantly; foxes! Now I have trouble resisting fox-related products at the best of times, and these were just gorgeous. They were the perfect shade of rusty red and had big full tails, and adorable eyes looking up at me, beseechingly.

I gave up all resistance, picked them up and carried them to the counter before you could say ‘but we’ve not even had Halloween yet!’

Could anyone resist these little faces?

Could anyone resist these little faces?


Watching season two of Suits. Sometimes the drama in an episode turns into repetitive bickering which gets a bit tiresome but it is worth watching it for Donna’s banter and for pretty much every scene with Louis in. Rick Hoffman is simply amazing, I don’t know how he does it but he makes such an unpleasant character into someone you really root for. Every gesture, expression, word is either filled with pathos or hilarity. It is worth watching the show for his performance alone.

And if that wasn’t enough you have the wonderful Gina Torres, who will always be Zoe from Firefly for me and is mesmerising!

Eating lots of wedges, garlic bread, cake and cottage pie! Our broken oven has just been replaced with a brand spanking new one; so I am in love with any food that is cooked in the oven at the moment. I have never been this excited about chips!

By the way anyone remember this advert?

Reading quite a few things, I really must do another Book Bag post soon. Most recently I have finished ‘Confessions of a Police Constable’ by Matt Delito. It was a very insightful and funny look into the world of modern policing, what struck me most was how often Delito had to use patience and reason to defuse situations. His first priority in most of the stories is to prevent events escalating to violence. Reading this inspired a whole new level of respect for our police force…I mean police service!

Looking forward to my holiday in Scotland coming up soon! We will be staying in a log cabin overlooking a lake. It’s a place we used to go all time when we were little but this will be the first time that Rob will have been. I can’t wait to show him all the places I used to play; the big rope swing, the conker trees, the island in the middle of the lake… I’m counting down the days!