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Last weekend Rob and I returned to Grassington for their 1940’s Weekend. This is the third time we have now gone to a 1940’s event and we still love them.

If you are interested you can see my first post on the 1940 Grassington Weekend post here and my post covering a 1940s weekend at Haworth here.


Our first stop when we arrived was the market fair part in the park. Lots of little marquees filled with vintage clothing, fur coats, knick knacks, wartime memorabilia and a van selling hand raised meat pies that I was very tempted to tuck into but resisted as it was only 11am when we got there!

When browsing one of the stalls I found a book which featured a girl on the front cover who was wearing pretty much the same dress as me! Well these things happen when you buy dresses that look like a strange kind of nurse costume!


I picked up another brooch from a costume jewellery section to add to my collection and Rob hunted for a pair of goggles for another project but wasn’t able to find any.

We then had a wander around the army base section and admired some gorgeous looking vehicles.



Now I do enjoy all aspects of these weekends but my favourite part is in the town centre where there is music playing and all these people join in with the dancing. As someone who struggles with clapping in time, I really admire the moves of these people and am very envious that there seems to be a generation who can effortlessly join in with a dozen different dance routines as if it is no big deal!



The only routines I can confidently join in on are the Steps song and Hey Makerena! And even then it is hit and miss!

But these people are incredible. I think there are a few professionals or excellent hobbyists in the mix who get things going but when you stand and watch you see more and more people from the crowd decide to just put their bags down and join in. It makes a really nice fun atmosphere and I love these photos that Rob took which just shows how much everyone is enjoying themselves!



It helps that so many are wearing amazing costumes. Everyone looks so fabulous!



This really is my favourite part, the singing and the dancing, being part of a happy crowd on a sunny day, in a lovely town! I’ll be coming back next year!