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Her Ladyship’s Notebook: A collection of wisdom, inspiration and advice on being a lady from a variety of sources. Sometimes useful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit dated and often irreverent!

Today’s quote is from one of my favourite books; Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. These words are from the chapter when the second Mrs De Winter enters the morning room for the first time.

Rebecca’s legacy is evident throughout the sprawling wings of Manderley but it is here in the Morning Room where Rebecca’s presence is the strongest. From this room Rebecca ran Manderley. It is in this room that she wrote her letters, arranged the parties, dictated the menus… She came to this room every morning to pull the day in to order.

This was a woman’s room, graceful, fragile, the room of someone who had chosen every particle of furniture with great care, so that each chair, each vase, each small, infinitesimal thing should be in harmony with one another, and with her own personality.

I love the idea of taking a place and deciding to craft and shape it for your purpose and personality with such skill that the place becomes unmistakably yours.

I think that every woman should have a morning room. Oh, it might not be an actual room where you go every morning to write your letters and send out invitations to costume balls, although that would be lovely.

It might not even be a whole room, it may only be a corner of a room or a desk in a room. But however small it is, it should be a space that is comfortable and calm. A place where you can get your head sorted, a place where you can think and plan, dream and strategize.

And of course you do your best thinking when surrounding by furniture, decoration and ornamentation that are pleasing to your own style! It doesn’t have to be graceful and fragile like Rebecca’s room but it does have to be in keeping with your tastes and preferences. This is your space!

That is what a morning room is to me.