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I am back home after a glorious week away in Scotland. Rob and I, along with our parents have just spent a very relaxed and sedated week at the Lochend Chalets at the Port of Menteith.

My parents first came here in the 80s and we used to come a lot when Josh and I were younger, but the last time we visited was 12 years ago! I don’t think we will be leaving it that long before we come again!



We stayed in a A-frame chalet right on the shore of the lake and I am sure it is a beautiful view all year round but it felt like all week the Autumn view was showing off for us; trees changing colours every day, mist rolling over Ben Lomond in the distance and wonderful sunsets.


It was interesting to see what had changed since I had last been and what had stayed the same. The rope swing and pier were still there as I remembered, as was the game room. There was one big change; they have built on site the Nick Nairn Cooks School. I didn’t realise before but the Scottish Celebrity Chef’s family own and run the site. I didn’t get around to getting a closer look but the Mums sneaked off whilst doing the recycling and were welcomed in for a look around. They came back very impressed by the facilities, so if you are ever in the area maybe you could combine a cooking course with your holiday! Details of the cooking school are here.


We quickly settled into a lovely daily routine that would start with a lie-in and a meandering breakfast, then there would be mooching around, feeding the cheeky ducks and reading, maybe sat at the picnic table outside and every few minutes you would find your eyes drifting away from your book on to the lake and mountains beyond.



There might then be a brunch of bacon sandwiches! Then once everyone was fully fed, watered and dressed we would go out for the afternoon either to visit one of the local towns or to go on one of the hundreds of walking trails that surrounded us.

Our afternoons were filled with trying on woolly jumpers, tasting samples of jam and whiskey in the markets, visiting tea rooms, exploring fairy hills, walking through forests, spotting red squirrels, and taking scenic routes back through amazing countryside.

After all that activity we were always glad to return to the chalet where we would gather again at the picnic table and maybe enjoy a dram of whiskey whilst we watched the sun set.





Then there was always a big tea around the big pine dining table, normally cooked by the Mums, but Rob did take over for steak night!

And that was pretty much how I spent my days for the last week. I know some may have found that a little dull but for me this is my idea of bliss. I came home feeling really refreshed and content.  Do you know, I don’t think the world’s most expensive and indulgent Spa could have done me as much good as just simply spending a week with family surrounded by some of God’s best handiwork.