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You know how there are some people out there who are convinced that advertising does not work on them? I am not one of those people. I am so easily influenced!

M&S ‘This isn’t just any chocolate cake’ adverts are particularly effective on me, as are the Boots Christmas ‘Here Come the Girls’ ads that you know are just around the corner. (I want all the gift sets!)

Which is why Pinterest and the blogging world can sometimes be a dangerous place for me. For example, whilst I am primarily a cat person I do have a strong affection for doggies too; especially big fluffy clumsy dogs like Rufus, my imaginary Old English Sheepdog!

I have very little interest in small handbag dogs. They are too yappy, too small and just always look a bit like toy dogs to me.

That was my stance on little dogs until I started reading the Milk Bubble Tea Blog.

Milk Bubble Tea is a very pretty blog full of lovely things and ideas. This tends to be how I like my blogs: light hearted, good to look at with a sweet heart behind it.

The blog also heavily features Becky’s adorable miniature Dachshund; Oscar. He has big eyes for a little dog and post by post I found myself being won over to the charm of little sausage dogs.

It doesn’t help that inspired by her dog Becky often spots and collects the cutest sausage dog themed products. Like she explains in this post.


Suddenly I found myself pinning sausage dog floral masterpieces on Pinterest, like this one:

These are out of stock now, but you can check out the Etsy seller here.

I really loved the look of these floral sausage dogs and I was actually contemplating trying to sew my own version when something incredible happened.

I was packing for my Scotland holiday and I suddenly decided to take some nail polish and equipment to give my nails a little makeover whilst away. I started rooting around in my old box of nail polish and rediscovered this cute little chap!

EDSC_2251It’s a little zip-up bag for a nail kit in the shape of a floral sausage dog! It was a birthday present a couple of years ago that I had completely forgotten about, so I can’t tell you were it was from originally.

But isn’t it so very cute! It’s a great size for a travel manicure kit, it came with a set of nail scissors, clippers, files and buffers and fits in at least two rather large bottles of nail polish!

Isn’t it strange finding that you already own something you were lusting after? I am sure there is a moral in this story about appreciating what you own or something, but at the moment I am too enamoured  with my newly discovered little sausage dog to think it through!