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It has been awhile since I last did a Cathy’s kitchen post but I finally put some time aside for baking last Saturday to try out this recipe for a Blackberry and Apple Scone Cake.

The recipe is from a little booklet that came free with a Prima Magazine that I picked up a couple of months ago. I hadn’t read the magazine before but I really liked it. It was very optimistic, colourful and it had a special feature on women who had turned their passion for baking into businesses! That is the kind of real life story I like to read rather than the shocking Greek-tragedy-on-a-budget type that other magazines like to feature!

This recipe looked pretty simple and tasty, and it was the first one in the booklet so I thought I would give it a go, with Rob on hand to take the photos!

You can check out the recipe for yourself on Prima’s website here.

First step was to mix the butter and flour together until it resembled fine breadcrumbs. Using my Mum’s trust Kenwood that was pretty easy, although I did manage to send up a cloud of flour that nicely decorated my dress and most of the kitchen counter! Oh well


Then I added the sugar and the wet ingrediants which included zest from the biggest orange I could find in Tesco! I now think all recipes should include orange zest because it made the kitchen smell delicious even before I turned the oven on!

Edit-mixOnce the mixture was fully mixed I spooned it into my bake tin and covered it with a layer of freshly washed and sparkling blackberries.

Edit-BlackberriesThen I put another layer of cake mixture on top before adding my apple slices.



Edit-Apple-SlicesFinally I gave it another generous sprinkling of blackberries before popping it into the oven.

Edit-Ready-to-GoThe next 45 minutes went by slowly. I had to stop myself from wandering back into the kitchen and peering at the oven door – Bake Off style.

Eventually I allowed myself to have a look and could see it had risen a lot and it smelt amazing! I let it go in for another ten minutes to get that good golden brown colour.


Looks good doesn’t it! Even before we tasted I thought this would be a successful bake because for once the finished product actually looked exactly like the picture in the book!


See! It’s incredible! I have never had a bake look like the picture before!

Rob and I were soon tucking in and we both agreed that it is a lovely cake. The blackberries were a little sharp which added something to an otherwise sweet mixture, oh and that orange zest really comes through and reminded me of mulled wine for some reason!

I will certainly be making this cake again, it’s perfect for an afternoon snack: clotted cream and hot chocolate are optional accompaniments!