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Here is what I love about Autumn; it is beautiful whatever the weather. If it rains the red leaves glisten and your wellies are ready for jumping through puddles, if it is misty it gets the really still atmosphere that is utterly enchanting and if it is sunny the leaves crunch under your feet and the air is so clear it becomes refreshing.

Last Saturday morning was one of those sunny Autumn mornings. I found myself sat on my garden steps in the sun with a lemon pastry swirl on my lap just enjoying the scenery.

Our garden looked so inviting and I knew I was going to be doing some baking that afternoon that I half began putting a plan together of having an outdoor picnic with Rob later that afternoon. I would set up the picnic blanket and serve freshly baked cake and hot chocolate. We could wrap up in our thick jumpers and bring our books outside to read. I was even thinking of finding a way to set up a small fire!

Well those day dreams had to be adapted because by the time my cake was out of the oven that afternoon the sunlight had deserted our garden!

But then I remembered this pin I saw on Pinterest that always made me feel so cosy!

Thick socks, breakfast food and beautiful floors.

Well, it might be afternoon tea instead of breakfast and a picnic blanket instead of or a rustic floor but I thought I could recreate this kind of atmosphere; after all I do have white cable knit tights!

So I moved my Autumn picnic plans inside, I laid out the blanket, baked the cake and made up some hot chocolate. We gathered our books and notebooks together and just for good measure Rob and I recreated the original photo!

And it is in black and white for extra arty points!

I quite like the idea of having indoor picnics for colder weather! What would you have at your autumnal picnic?