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A collection of advice on being a lady from a variety of sources. Sometimes useful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit dated and sometimes timeless!

Today’s quote comes from Camilla Morton’s book; A Year in High Heels, on the subject of letter-writing. I am admittedly the worst at keeping up correspondence. I’ve not even managed to do Christmas Cards for the last two years. *hangs head in shame*

But these fair words might just inspire me yet to turn over a new leaf!

Regular correspondence is a good habit to get into. Not only does it show your stunning good manners, but a letter should, in turn, lead to you receiving more than just bills and junk mail through your own letterbox. Letters that are personally written to you make opening the post a pleasure rather than a chore.

It is hard to argue with that logic. Plus if I increased my amount of letter-writing I would simply have to purchase more stationary! And I love buying stationary!

Perhaps this will be the year I pick up Christmas Cards again, and then maybe I will hold parties with actual paper invitations to my friends instead of a Facebook invite. I will then write thank you letters to the people who came and I will send post cards from holidays and over time these cards and invitations will evolve into actual letter-writing. And I will form a beautiful series of correspondence of wonderful letters between my loved ones and I!

I think I am going to go and order some monogrammed stationary and live out my Rebecca Morning Room fantasy!