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Feeling: Happy and glad! It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I was utterly spoiled. I received some lovely thoughtful gifts from friends and enjoyed all the well wishes on the day. Plus there was a huge amount of cake involved! Happy times!

Wearing: A birthday present! My Mum got me this ice blue jumper with sequins from Oasis. I really love it! For one it is really soft and warm, making me feel all cosy and two, it actually sparkles! In the right light I am like an ice disco ball!


Drinking – Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate. Until last Saturday I didn’t know such a thing existed, but now I know and I can’t go back!

Rob and I went shopping at the weekend in Manchester, we stopped for lunch in Waterstones and there on the table was a menu advertising their autumn specials. Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate sounded interesting so I ordered one and now all I can say is that I want more! It is delicious!

I’ve looked it up online to find out where I can get it again. I don’t know of any cafe’s closer to home that serve it but I have found the company that makes the toffee apple syrup. They are called Sweetbird and their website causes serious mouth salivation!

The recipe for the Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate is on the website and the syrups are available on Amazon so I may have to just buy a bottle (or two) and make them for myself at home…this could be a dangerous path to take!

Watching: Marvel Agents of Shield! Rob and I tried watching this last year on 4OD but it kept on freezing, then we seemed to miss weeks in the schedule so eventually we gave up. Now that it is on Amazon Prime we are picking it up where it left off. At the moment I feel like it is not yet into it’s full swing but I have faith in Whedon; I think he is still setting up his pieces.

Reading: Speaking of Whedon, that lovely husband I mentioned earlier bought me the new Joss Whedon’s biography for my birthday last week and I am very much looking forward to getting into that volume. But first of all I have to finish my current read which is The Travelling Tea Shop by Belinda Jones which is as pink, warm and wonderful as it sounds.

Listening: Robbie Williams’ ‘Swings Both Ways’ album that was another birthday present from the hubby. I love his version of ‘If I Only had a Brain’ and ‘No One Likes a Fat Pop Star’ makes me laugh every time I hear it.

I’ve also been listening to this less well known band called Speak, Brother. They are an indie/folk three piece band. We reviewed their upcoming EP for Creative Kingdom and I have genuinely fallen for them. Here is the video to their single Dry Bones, if you fancy checking them out for yourself!