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Have you ever fancied eating Mexican food whilst watching the sun set over idyllic English countryside?

The Wellsprings Restaurant  serves authentic Mexican food and sits on the flank of Pendle Hill overlooking Clitheroe and sweeps of the finest Lancashire countryside. The views are spectacular!


I have been loads but never blogged about it before which is bad on my part because I love coming here.

Rob and I last visited a couple of weeks ago. It was a spontaneous decision we made at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. We guessed that if we arrived early we should be able to get in without having a table booked (although I do recommend booking a table because if you can you want to get a table with a view)


Doors open at 5:30pm and we were the first customers to arrive for the evening which gave us a lovely chance to just take in the beauty of the place. As if the views aren’t enough, Wellsprings is wonderfully decorated; branches decked in fairy lights create a sparkling canopy over the tables. The walls are red, orange and yellow giving off a warmth that is matched by the impressive fireplace. Wine glasses sit on the table crowned with red, green and yellow napkins. Latino music plays in the back ground, the waiting staff were lighting tea lights in dozens of glass lanterns and candle holders.

You have to make yourself stop and take all this in because otherwise your attention is seized by the long wall of windows that looks out over the hills. It was especially captivating the last time we were there because the sun was setting and flooding the restaurant in a golden light that our phone-photos just can’t do justice.


A rare photo of Rob! I promise you, he is always bathed in rays of lights like this!

Now on to the food! I have been a few times now and I keep trying different dishes and have yet to find something that disappoints. The last time we went Rob had a beef burrito and I had the salmon, we also ordered sides of garlic bread and curly fries which was ambitious of us because the portions are very generous! The salmon came out on a sizzling platter and was cooked in this delicious salsa ranch sauce packed full of veg. My meal also came with rice, a fajita, refried beans and a really fresh salad. Like I said, the portions are generous!

Now I am sorry because I completely neglected to take any photos of the food. I always feel a bit wrong taking photos at a restaurant, somehow it feels a little rude, even if your intention is to show everyone how wonderful it is!

The other reason I didn’t take any photos is that once it arrived I was too eager to tuck in to spend time trying to capture the moment. I just wanted to eat the moment!

The food was lovely but because we had stuffed ourselves on curly fries and garlic bread we had absolutely no room left in us for pudding. But I can tell you from past experiences that their chocolate fudge cake is scrumptious!

As we were leaving we had to stop and just take in the view one more time under these funky outdoor lights!


Ah perfection!

I really do love coming here; the views, the food, the warm atmosphere; I’ve never had a bad experience. It is a place where you are well looked after from the moment you arrive. I always leave feeling well-fed, relaxed and happy!

If you want more info about Wellsprings and their menus and offers you can check out their website here.