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This quote leaped out to me when leafing through Nina Garcia’s ‘The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces every Stylish Woman Must Own

As any woman knows, opening up your closet can be like telling your best friend your untold secrets.

It got me thinking of what secrets my closet (or wardrobe, because I am British!) contains. I guess your clothing collection can be a magical thing full of hidden mysteries and treasured stories, passing fancies and faithful friends.

That figure hugging bright red pencil dress that awakens your inner femme fatale. The leather jacket with a busted zip that has seen me many adventures on nights when you stayed up long past bedtime. The over-sized shapeless cardigan that is there for you every time you opt out of the gym and stay home watching TV and eating toast instead!

Every piece holds a story and not all stories are for sharing.

What secrets does your wardrobe hold?