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Rob and I have attended a lot of weddings over the last three years, and I mean a lot! We’ve done summer marquees, historic country homes, quirky town halls, grand old churches and we’ve loved them all!

Each wedding we have gone to is has perfectly suited each Bride and Groom. The weddings are as all as different as the couples are but as long as the couple are doing what feels best for them and are happy, the guests are always going to have a good time.

One wedding we went to in January finished the night by gathering everyone outside and setting off Chinese lanterns. Rob managed to get these photos and I think they show just what a magical way this is to close a wedding.

It was a lovely thing to do, after dancing all night inside it felt good to step outside into the cold night air.

We were lucky with the weather; it was dry and that the air was still. Everything seemed to go quiet as people concentrated on lighting the lanterns.


You can say a prayer for the couple as you release your lanterns, make a wish, think happy thoughts, pretend to be Rapunzel and Flynn singing ‘at last I see light….’

Lighting Chinese Lanterns was a really romantic finale to a beautiful wedding. Everyone outside at night in their finery; happy faces caught in candlelight, watching the glowing lights glide into the night; it was magical!