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As much as I admire other lifestyle bloggers who get to work from immaculate well styled offices, my own work space is in all honest, a little drab. Grey walls, grey desk, grey ceiling…..

Luckily we get a lot of light and I happen to work with some wonderful women who are anything but drab; good company brightens any room!

On top of that I try to keep a few cheering things on my desk to keep me happy on the days when I am typing up the minutes to the meeting that would not end!

Here are five things that make my work-space a happy space!

1. Smencils

Scented pencils made from reccycled newspapers! What is not to love? My favourite one is ‘Very Berry’. I hope that one day they will make these into coloured pencil crayons. Then my joy will be complete!

2. Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is basically green goo – very similar to they type you used to get when you were little and you and your brother would pretend it was ghost slime or monster snot. But this green goo is for cleaning your keyboard. You just press it over the keys and sucks up all the dirt and some how makes it disappear.

Basically I use it as an excuse every Friday afternoon to have a 5-minute green-goo break and clean my keyboard and office phone. Hygienic and fun!

3. Lemon Bon-Bon Hand Cream

Excuse the massive picture. We are going in to more girly territory now. This hand cream is the most deliciously scented hand cream I have yet to find. I love using it in the afternoon to freshen up and it looks really sweet sitting on my desk, as does it’s counterpart…

4. Cherry Kiss Lip Balm

Same company as before; Rose & Co, they really do have a beautiful range of products and their packaging makes them my favourite for sitting on my desk. Very handy to have some lip balm to sooth my lips after I have been mindlessly chewing on them without realising.

5. Wonder Woman

I don’t think I need to explain why Wonder Woman is a necessity .

What do you have on your desk to brighten your mood?