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Have you ever got it into your head that you fancy a certain piece of food and then been really put out when you discover that, for whatever reason, you can’t have it?

That happened to me the other week. I was at the canteen buying my lunch when I was distracted by the cake counter that was at perfect eye-level for a person of my height. There, sitting dead centre on the shelf in-between caramel squares and Halloween cupcakes were huge slabs of the College’s special Mars Bars Cake.

These are basically cornflake cakes covered in a melted chocolate and caramel concoction. They are sweet, heavy and very naughty. I love them!

Click here to see a version you can try for yourself, from Practically Perfect.

My mouth began to water just looking at them but I told myself to be strong. I paid for my jacket potato and swiftly walked away, resisting the urge to look back.

I returned to my desk and lasted an hour during which I tried to talk myself into believing that I was full, that I had no room for cake, that I didn’t need anything sweet.

It was no good, by 2pm I was convinced that unless I satisfied my cake craving I would be mentally and physically unable to be productive for the rest of the afternoon.

I grabbed my purse and trotted up the stairs two at a time to the canteen. I pushed the heavy door open and stepped into the brightly lit room to be horrified by what I saw: Emptiness!

Empty counter, empty cake stand, empty kitchen.

I was too late! The disappointment growled in my stomach.

I shuffled out and back down the steps and stopped in front of the vending machine. I glared resentfully at the wares and tried to choose a substitute for the cake that should have been mine.

With a sigh, I decided that a Twix two-pack was my best option.

And here is where the story takes a turn for the better.

I inserted 70p as instructed and pushed in 158 to gain my better-than-nothing snack. With a good thud my Twix landed in the bottom drawer and then a strange message flashed up on the screen:


Credit? There shouldn’t be any credit. I knew I put in exactly 70p. My eyes flicked to the price list again:


I pressed the release change button and heard the clatter of coins fall into the tray. I quickly reached in and pulled out 15p in change.

This has never happened to me before! I have lost money in vending machines but never been given more change than I was due!

15p, I could almost get a Freddo for that! (They are 20p now, how did that happen?)

I was so pleased at the extra change that the Mars Bar Cake was completely forgotten and I practically skipped back to my office; Twix in one hand, jangling change in the other!

I think the best representation of my feelings is this scene from How I Met Your Mother.

Hope you enjoyed my epic tale of thwarted cake desire and silver linings!

Happy Wednesday Internet Friends!