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I saw this chart on matching red lipstick to skin tone the other day and was inspired to put it to the test.

I am quite a fan of red lips, especially Taylor Swifts perfect pout and cat eye combination. Normally I go for a dark more subtle red lip; I wear Maybelline’s Rose Dust on a daily basis and I have a small but much loved collection of dark berry coloured lipsticks.

Now, according to this chart from Lauren Conrad, as someone with very pale skin I should be able to pull of colours with a more orange or coral base.

I didn’t want to break the bank with an experiment that could go horribly wrong so I did some crafty browsing on ASOS. I went to the beauty section, filtered down to lipsticks and then moved the ‘sort by’ tab to ‘lowest price to highest’. Starting with the cheapest available I went looking for a red that was brighter than my normal selection.

I very quickly came across the extra glossy Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Aurora. Not only was this a different colour from anything I already had it is also very different from the mostly matt lipsticks that I have in my collection. (It looks like ASOS are out of this colour now but it is available at Boots)

I tested it out last Sunday and I think I am pleased with the results. It is a very bright and loud colour so I kept the rest of my make-up neutral.


Forgive me for the blurred photo, I have not really cracked this whole selfie thing!

Instead of being cowed by the signal-beam-brilliance of my lips I decided to go with it and don my equally loud red hat and go out for a wander around the park with Rob. I have never been able to match my lipstick to my hat before; this is a whole new level of co-ordination!


This photo does a good job of showing just how pale my skin actually is, I think the Aurora colour looks striking but I might save it for special occasions and parties rather than everyday use. I also soon discovered that it was the kind of lip colour that would rub off on everything! I managed to get a bright red dot on the jumper I was wearing and by the time Rob and I had finished our lunch at the coffee shop it had completely disappeared.

However lunch and a hot drink at Rubajellos is always worth smudging your lipstick over!


Just look at these wonderful liquid temptations. Rob had a Gingerbread Latte and I had a Hot Chocolate with the mountain of whipped cream and marshmallow boulders, mmmmm!

Let me just come out of my hot chocolate daydream to remember what it was I was talking about….oh yeah, Lipstick!  So in conclusion; yes, I am glad I bought this and I think I would be open to other brighter colours with an orange or coral base in the future, but I still like my darker, more subtle ‘rose dust’ as my staple red lip colour.