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Rob and I subscribe to Amazon Prime (Previously known as LoveFilm). It is a fantastic service with lots of Films and TV shows to choose to watch online, we use it nearly everyday to work our way through TV series.

My favourite part of this service is the DVDs by post. Pretty much any title that isn’t available online is available in their postal service. You simply create a rent list and they send you two random DVDs from the list and post them out to you. When you have watched them you return them in a provided freepost pocket and they send you the next two discs out and so on.

Unlike the old Blockbuster days when you would spend ages scrutinizing every video in shop to find the perfect film to watch, with AmazonPrime you know that if you don’t like this film then you are only a couple of days away from a fresh pair of DVD’s landing through your door to try again. It leaves you more open to new things.

This had led us to try out more film titles that we knew next to nothing about, and at times going into a movie absolutely blind has resulted in some really enjoyable movie nights.

I don’t know about you, but I am appreciating more and more the joy of watching a film without any expectations. Too many trailers now seem to give the whole story away and makes seeing the film seem like a waste of time, but if you go in blind you leave yourself more open to surprises and less susceptible to disappointment.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Anyway, here is a list of films we have watched recently without knowing anything about them beforehand and turned out to really love. Now, I would spoil the spirit of the post if I told you the plot so the information here will be minimal.

Here is my list of unexpected movie delights!

Edge of Tomorrow – Thought this was going to be boring generic Sci-Fi action film – I was browsing on Pinterest for first few minutes because I was convinced this was going to be boring but soon had to put Pinterest away and give it my full attention. Emily Blunt’s character is fantastic and I appreciated that the film made a deliberate effort to avoid annoying female cliches.

An Inspector Calls – I had thought this was a play my brother studied in High School but he says he can’t remember it.  This is an old film, black and white and it feels like a play, but it sucks you in.

Cloud Atlas – Really, really loved this. Don’t want to say anything except that the set design and costume departments pulled off an incredible feat in this movie that I couldn’t compare to any other venture.

Divergent – Thought this was going to be a Hunger Games wannabe, and there are similarities, but enough was different and interesting to make a good Friday night movie. I especially liked that the main actress was a convincing everyday teenager instead of a Hollywood starlet in training.

Troll Hunter – A Norwegian fantasy/found footage/comedy film that is sharp and stands on its own. Keep watching during the credits, they save the best joke till last!

Gravity – I knew this had Snadra Bullock and George Clooney. I knew it was set in Space and that a lot of people really liked it. That was it. Now I have seen it for myself I can add my name to the list of people who liked this film. I would say though that it isn’t something I would hurry to watch again. It was something to experience the first time and take in each turn as it comes. I don’t think it would have the same impact second time round.

So that is my list. What films surprised you recently? Does anyone else like going into films ‘blind’?