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Her Ladyship’s Notebook: A collection of wisdom, inspiration and advice on being a lady.  Sometimes useful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit dated, sometimes timeless!

Today’s quote comes from my favourite piece of 1930’s satire; The Nice Girl’s Guide to Good Behaviour by Monica Redlich. I adore this catty book, for where else could you have the purposes of social phone calls described so succinctly?

Monica writes:

Telephone conversation may be said to fall into the following classes:
Narrative or anecdote
Intelligent criticism of a mutual friend

That line always makes me grin; it feels like it needs to be made into a sarcastic ecard!

Now I try very hard not to gossip, but from now on whenever I do fall into the nasty habit I am definitely renaming it as ‘intelligent criticism of a mutual friend’!

Sounds much better that way….well it sounds a little better… OK it sounds just as bad and whatever you call it you still probably shouldn’t do it….no matter how intelligent you think your criticism might be!