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Another month has gone by since my last currently post. I am in a strange stage where I feel like the weeks are slipping by but when I fix my eyes on a couple of big things I am waiting for, it suddenly feels like time is standing still.

Here is what I am currently up to in November:

Indulging in nail polish. I have made an effort this year to paint my nails more often as I actually have quite good nails and I should show them off more. This week I am wearing Revlon’s Parfumerie in Pink Pineapple. Not only is it an adorable frosted baby pink colour it is actually scented! The scent is beginning to wear off now but for the first couple of days there was this lovely sweet-vaguely-candyfloss-like scent wafting from my fingertips.

Watching Midnight in Paris. I caught this film over the weekend and like a number of films I have watched recently, I knew next to nothing about it when I pressed play. So it took me by surprise when there was a wonderful dose of unexpected magic in a film that I thought was going to be an introspective romantic comedy drama. I recommend watching this alongside the Great Gatsby for a full on 1920s movie night!


Reading Joss Whedon, Geek King of the Universe by Amy Pascal. I have been carrying around this tomb of a book for five days now, reading it whenever I can. Buffy was my teenage obsession, and I am loving this insight into the life and character of the man who created her. There have been passages that have made my eyes distinctly soggy and more than one anecdote has caused me to snigger uncontrollably. I was especially interested in the chapters that describe the process of writing for TV and Film. I am amazed at how all these clever creative people pull together, accept criticism from each other and sacrifice ego simply to tell a good story.

Resisting  the lure of Christmas. I have a rule that the season does not start until the first day of Advent. Before that it is permissible to buy presents and to plan Christmas events, because let’s face it, those things need as much time as you can spare! But no songs, no decorations, no Christmas jumpers before the 1st December, no matter how strong the temptation. You have to keep hold of and enjoy the last few autumnal days that November has to offer.


Visiting antique shops and tea rooms! I do love having a good explore of a densely packed antique shop! Last Saturday Rob and I went with my parents to Hebdon Bridge and spent far too long poking around one antique shop and the week before I went to the Holden Wood Antique Centre in Haslingden with a friend. Holden Wood has the added advantage of also being a tea room set in a re-purposed church. I had the richest chocolate torte that ever existed! Cake and antiques! I’m all over it!