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I’ve done craft fairs, Christmas Markets, 1940s weekends and Comic-con but until last Saturday I had never been to a Steampunk event.

I have been an admirer of the Steampunk aesthetic for some time. It has a lot that appeals to me; pretty clocks, ruffles, earthy colours, fitted silhouettes…

Home of my favourite high street, Haworth held a Steampunk Weekend last week and Rob and I decided to go along and to try and create a Steampunk look of our own.

Here we are on the steps of the church: 

I am very pleased to say that I didn’t spend a single penny for my outfit, I put it together out of what I already had and borrowed a belt and buckle from Rob to make it a bit more unusual.

My steampunk ring made a well deserved appearance!

The pocket watch belonged to my Great-Grandad. I love wearing it as a necklace, it’s beautiful and has a good weighty feel.

My boots need a special mention because I adore them! They are from River Island a few years back and are the most beautiful boots that I own. Unfortunately they are also very heavy and slightly big for me. I am wearing a thick pair or purple socks underneath to help pad them out!

Rob bought the goggles from Amazon and the nerf gun that he transformed into this steampunk weaponry, but everything else was already waiting in his wardrobe. He made the shoulder piece using cardboard and covered it in some pretend leather material. A lot of people stopped to take Rob’s photo during the day, I think it was because most of the other men were in top hats and tails; Rob was like the working class engineer of the Steampunk world!

I was really happy with our outfits, they were fun but actually quite tame compared to many of the other Steampunkers that were out on the town. I loved watching people walk up and down in their amazing costumes, pretty much all homemade.


Haworth always seems to be a friendly town no matter what time of year we come by. As we wandered up and down the high street we said hello to people, stopped to take photos and to pose for other photographers! That was fun, it was like everyone was a celebrity but without all the cringy fame stuff!  We stopped and chatted about cosplay with people and generally there was a lot of smiling and goodwill about the place.

We chatted to this couple for quite a bit, the level of detail in their outfits is outstanding!


Oh and this couple were fabulous!

And this girl made her own wings!

There was just a huge amount of creativity and inventiveness on display, which I think you can appreciate whether you are into steampunk or not.

There was this great band playing at the top of the street, and later on this Scottish group paraded up and down the street. Live music makes such a difference to a town and it was nice to mill around, listen to the music and chat with people.

In fact we got so caught up on the high street we forgot to go to the craft market and missed more of the Steampunk stuff! Oops! We realised when we got back to the car that there was more to see but by that point my feet were in desperate need of  slippers (high heeled clunky boots and steep cobbled streets do not mix well).