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It is the last weekend before the Christmas Season well and truly begins. Today I am going on a little shopping and lunch trip my Mum, Grannie, Aunt and cousin. I’m really looking forward to this outing and imagine a fair amount of Christmas shopping will be get done!

Then the plan tomorrow is to have a go at baking these cinnamon rolls. I am already licking my lips at the thought!

And of course inbetween shopping and baking I want to curl up with the laptop and browse the Internet wonders.

Here are few things I have enjoyed from around the web recently.

This account of what it is like living with agoraphobia. I know very little about this condition and was surprised that one of the funniest and friendliest bloggers that I follow has this struggle. I feel like I learned a lot from reading this and my admiration for the blogger has increased tenfold.

I got involved in this Pinstrosity Challenge, and I am already looking forward to December’s challenge. Wonder what it will be!

My Biggest Creativity Killer by James Herring

How to Really Make a Difference. As someone who can regularly lose sleep worrying about situations I have not control of I found this very helpful!

This Comic Con Panel – This is a video only for Whedon geeks who have an hour spare, which I know makes it irrelevant for a lot of people, but if you are a Whedon fan this Comic Con Panel is hilarious entertainment, especially when the main man makes an appearance. I am such in a fangirl mode right now after finishing the Whedon biography. (more on that on Monday)

This collection of Rejected Princesses. This site is dedicated to women in history who are ‘too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies’