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Her Ladyship’s Notebook: A collection of wisdom, inspiration and advice on being a lady.  Sometimes useful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit dated, sometimes timeless!

The Little Lady Agency  By Hester Browne is my favourite feel good book. When I have ran out of new things to read or when my head feels harassed and hounded by endless jobs this is the book I choose to relax with.

Here is the plot synopsis:

‘When sweet, naive Melissa seeks a job with her old Home Economics teacher she is half way through the interview before it dawns on her that Mrs McKinnon isn’t interested in her cookery skills, but is in fact running an escort agency. Melissa panics, but she needs the cash – and what harm can providing lonely men with stimulating conversation over dinner do? More exciting still, she’ll get to wear a disguise…

Enter her alter ego: Honey. As flirty and feminine as a Bond girl, as confident and sexy as Mary Poppins in silk stockings, Honey brings out a side to Melissa she never knew she had. A side that will get her into hot water, (and out of it) and that she’ll never want to lose…’

OK, that synopsis actually doesn’t sound too good so I will clarify that whilst there is a bit of call girl misunderstanding at the beginning, Melissa never does engage in prostitution.

Instead she uses the escort industry as inspiration to start an agency for hapless folk who need help with things that would traditionally fall to the ‘Little Lady’ of the house: gift buying, redecorating, party planning, make overs and to provide the occasional date to family gatherings and weddings for men who don’t want to go on their own.

Melissa has an old fashioned outlook on life; she is romantic, sweet and is impeccably polite. Home Economics was her favourite class at school and she loves referring to old treasured rules and hints on etiquette. As such the book is littered with throw away comments and advice on acting like a lady even in the most unladylike of circumstances.

Today’s quotation for Her Ladyship’s Notebook comes from The Little Lady Agency during the meeting with the now nefarious Mrs McKinnon.

She always insisted in the importance of hand cream in making a really good first impression

Ah our hands, hands that wave in welcome, shake in greeting and embrace in love, of course they are essential in forming a great first impression! And if it is in your ability to make your hands smooth and soft and sweetly fragranced at the same time then why wouldn’t you put in that little extra effort?

My current hand cream is Lemon Bon-Bon by Patisserie De Bain, I picked it up in September and have been using it every day. It absorbs quickly into the skin and the lemon fragrance is a lovely fresh scent. It is a great little pick me up for my hands when they have been working hard at the keyboard all day! I will definitely be repurchasing when this one runs out!

What are your tips for making a good first impression?