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Yikes! I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here since the 11th December! I don’t even know how that has happened! These last couple of weeks have been pretty packed but as it has been packed with lovely things; family parties, carol services, Christmas Fayres, it has felt like a good sort of busy!

Currently I am…

Watching old Hollywood Classics. I caught up with a friend the other week and we got talking about our shared love of old movies, especially High Society. The conversation got me craving those classic films so I have been working through my little DVD collection. So far I have watched A Streetcar Named Desire, Singing in the Rain and Calamity Jane! (By the way, the above picture was the screen shot when I paused it at just the wrong moment!)

Wearing cosy Nordic slippers non-stop. Seriously I take these off to go to bed and to shower and that is about it. I have even started taking them around to friends’ houses. They are that comfy!

Sporting red nail polish and fingerless gloves. I really like this colour which came free in a magazine the other month. It goes very well with my fingerless gloves that were made by lovely friend and sewing mentor, Mary! My hands get cold really easily so I do sometimes wear fingerless gloves around the house just to keep them toasty!

Decorating with the LEGO Christmas Market set! This beautiful set, complete with a carousel is on proud display on our windowsill, just next to the Christmas tree. I love it and I have managed to find some Christmas mini-figures to add to it, like this happy Gingerbread Chappy!

Singing at our Church’s Carol Service, which was yesterday. I was part of the choir and we had such a fun time this year and learned some really great new Christmas songs to add to the old classics. My new favourite Christmas song is ‘Oh What a Glorious Night’ it is just so irresistibly joyful. Have a listen and see if you can resist bopping your head with the chorus.

Wondering what is happening to my fringe at night to make it do this in the morning! Do gremlin hairdressers sneak in and do some serious back-combing? Does my fringe perform a mexican wave all night and then freeze in position when I wake up? What is going on?

Have a wonderful Christmas Internet friends!