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Hello Blogging World and a Happy New Year to you!

I am sat on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket with Adventure Time playing in the background whilst my body tries to cope with the inordinate amount of pancakes that I wolfed down this morning.

It’s been a wonderful Christmas Break this year. Rob and I went to Ireland to spend Christmas with his family and just got back in time for New Years Eve. I wanted to try and do something special with my nails for the occasion, something shiny, festive and sparkling!

I had a look in TK Maxx to see if they had anything suitable in the clearance sales and found the ORLY Ultra Glam kit that was heavily reduced in the sale to £7. (Love getting discounted beauty sets in January!)

There is actually quite a lot of products there, two nail polishes, three lots of glitter, one tub of gold foil… I am not sure I will use the nail applique things or the fake eyelashes but they may come in handy one day.

For my New Years Eve nails all I needed was the gold glitter, the foil and Nightshade by Barry M. I love the combination of black and gold!

I gave my nails two coats of Nightshade, then whilst the polish was still wet added a coat of glitter to all my nails except for one on each hand. Then I added a clear coat to seal it in.

I had no idea how to apply the gold foil and the instructions on the kit were not to helpful. Thankfully Rob knows everything about everything and worked it out for me.

So I applied a layer of clear nail polish and scrunched up some gold foil and pressed it on to the nail. I let is dry for about five minutes then with a clean paint brush gently brushed the foil until it got a flaky/cracked look.

A final layer of clear polish finished it off and voila! New Yeas Eve Nails were ready to go!

Looking at them now, they are still perfectly in tact and I think this is a look I will definitely do again. It was quite easy to do and I have lots of glitter and foil left over to last me many more parties to come!