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I can’t believe that the Christmas Break is nearly over! One more full day to go then it is back to work. Rob and I have crammed so much in these past couple of weeks although a lot of it was walking by the sea!

We visited Rob’s family in Ireland and spent Christmas with them. The sea is one of the things Rob misses most about home so whenever we go back we always make sure to fit in as many walks on piers and beaches as we can!


We had quite a few days of bright sun, clear skies and very frosty mornings. Perfect weather for walking. Whenever it did rain or cloud over we were equally happy to stay indoors with family and friends, eating food, playing games and watching Christmas specials.

It was a beautiful visit and to top it all off, at Dublin airport we found a cafe called ‘The Chocolate Lounge’ which true to form did the most wonderful hot chocolates! They also did chocolate fondue but we ran out of time to try it out! Oh well, we’ll get it next time!