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After weeks of wearing strict autumnal and cosy colours: reds, browns and oranges. I decided on Sunday when the sun came out that I wanted to wear something a little bit lighter and brighter.

The other year my friends bought me this beautiful bag for my birthday. I had never before appreciated how beautifully pink and green can go together if you get just the right shades. It has to be the softest baby pink and a green that is just a shade away from being mint.

Skirtcloseup1I decided to use the bag as inspiration and partnered it with a light green mini skirt and an old pink jumper.  To keep it winter appropriate and to stop it being too matchy-matchy I wore thick black tights and shiny black shoes.

The weather really was lovely on Sunday so after a roast lunch at my parents house, Rob & I stepped into the woods at the bottom of their garden to take these pics.

fullbodyYou can see I am still rocking my black New Years Eve nails here! Also you should know that the sun was really bright which is why my eyes are so very narrowed in the above photo!


shedI quite like the idea of wearing more pastels over winter. I have seen lots of pastel Christmas Trees and decorations knocking about and these often use pink and green, so maybe it is time to have more pastel wintery outfits instead of sharing all the sorbet shades for Spring!

outofthewoodsAnyone else done a pastel winter outfit? Would love to see links in the comments!