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I know that I am hopelessly late with this, and the reason is that until yesterday I didn’t really have any New Year’s Resolutions. Our Christmas holidays were packed full of activity and January has been much the same so there hasn’t been much time for reflective thinking and goal setting.

However, over the last two weeks I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers share their plans for 2015. It’s really cool to hear about what other people are up to and it’s interesting to see what goals are different for different kind of bloggers i.e. beauty bloggers, Mum Bloggers, and what goals show up across the genres. A common goal seems to be to make more time to relax and to give yourself breaks.

After all this inspiration I decided to sit down and think about what I want to achieve in the next year, so here are my goals for 2015:

Buy a house. This has been a big goal that Rob and I have been working towards since we got married. Over the last two years we have worked hard to save a deposit up to buy our dream home. The good news is that we think we have found the home and have had an offer accepted in December, so this is a goal we are likely to achieve soon! I am holding on to this with a light grip though because house sales in England are tricky and can fall through at the last minute. Until we sign the contract papers anything can happen! That aside, our hopes are high and we are really looking forward to settling into our new home!

Start a Bible Course at my Church. The Bible has been an essential part of my life, but it is a very difficult book to get into without having any background knowledge of it. I think many people are curious about the Bible but wouldn’t know where to start in reading it for themselves. I am working to launch a course to help get people started. We are still putting it together at this point but I am hoping it will cover things like:

  • What is the Bible?
  • Who wrote what?
  • Who put it together?
  • Why do people believe it is the Word of God?
  • What is it about? What happens in the Bible? Is there a plot?

I am excited to try and get this of the ground and am only a little bit daunted by the work it is going to take! Still I think it will be worth it if it makes a way for people to be more confident in reading the Bible for themselves, whether you are a Christian or not, the Bible has been a hugely influential piece of writing worldwide for thousands of years, it is worth a look!

Increase the output of Creative Kingdom. My other Churchy goal of 2015 is to get more posts and articles up on my other site, Creative Kingdom. Creative Kingdom is a website that explores, celebrates and encourages creativity in the church. We are on the lookout for more Christian artists of all mediums; music, visual art, authors, actors, dancers, designers, photographers, crafts… to feature and to contribute to the site, so please blogging world, let me know if you would like to get involved!

Love the season I’m in.  I am someone who is always looking ahead. When Rob and I were going out I began day dreaming of getting engaged and wedding planning. When we were engaged I couldn’t wait to get married. Once we were married I began scouring Rightmove for our forever home long before we had a deposit saved up. Looking ahead does have its advantages; it can make you more organised and prepared, but there will always be things to look forward to and this year I want to appreciate what I have. I want to make the most of this time in our marriage where it is just Rob and me and the freedom that brings. I want to make the most of our current rented house which has a wonderful location, being walking distance to many a pub, restaurant and coffee shop! I want to spend less time day dreaming about the next season and more time being thankful for the season that I am in. My friend keeps a note book where she writes down good things that happen throughout the year like good days out, trips to the cinema, happy news from friends. Maybe I should try something similar for the year. What do you think?