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Here is a first for Red Rose Style, an album review post! OK this album came out in 2013 so I am a little bit late to the party but now that I am here, I am here with enthusiasm!

Rob bought me The Shocking Miss Emerald by Caro Emerald as a Christmas present and I really love it.

I had heard the single ‘Liquid Lunch’ before on the Radio and had loved it. Caro Emerald’s sound is very different from most of what is out there. It’s a mix of jazz and pop, so you have all the beautiful jazz instruments and complexity with catchy pop melodies that you will hum cheerfully for the rest of the day.

The songs are vibrant, often mixing in audio snatches of conversation it makes me feel like I am sitting in a French coffee shop in the 1930s as a series of secret lovers, scoundrels and glamorous dames conduct their affairs right outside the window.

Normally what appeals to me most in a song are the lyrics and the story but with The Shocking Miss Emerald I am as equally delighted by what is going on with the instruments as I am with the vocals. From intro to outro it is all a pleasure to listen to and each song is thoroughly consistent in its feel.

My favourite songs on the album include:

One Day – Such a triumphant song, perfect for anyone who has been under pressure or speculation on when you are going to settle down.

Coming back as a Man – Be warned. Sultry singing galore makes this declaration of androgyny a very sexy song.

Completely – A love song with a spring in it’s step

Pack up the Louie – It wasn’t until I read the blurb in the CD that I realised that Pack up the Louie is about packing up the Louis Vuitton luggage. I had thought it was about travelling with Louis Armstrong!  Either way it is jet-setting fabulous!

The Maestro – This sounds almost like one of those old fashioned jingles that they used to have on the radio. A celebration of grand fashion design.

Liquid Lunch –  A hangover song with as much class as Grace Kelly on the morning after in High Society

Excuse my French – Caro gets angry and it is wonderful to hear. Now it is not a losing temper anger but a cold release of harsh truth from someone who has reached their limit of patience with a cad!

The Wonderful in You – Perhaps this last song is the one that has the strongest emotional punch for me. It is about the dismay of seeing someone surrender their identity for the sake of a relationship. It is a bittersweet note to close the album on but it is a weighty one too.

I guess the overall theme is a celebration of a single woman’s life. It is full of confidence and optimism which makes for an uplifting mood. If the songs were not enough to love the CD’s booklet is full of exquisite photography of the artist whose style and flair compliments her music perfectly.

I will be keeping a close eye on her website from now on because I would love to see her live. Fingers crossed that she makes some stops in the North of England soon!