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DSC_3612Baking has slowly become one of my favourite weekend activities over the last couple of years. There is something very satisfying about getting up on a Saturday morning, pulling out a brand new recipe to try and getting to work. It makes your whole house  smell lovely for the day and you then get tasty goodies to see you through the weekend!

Baking is always fun but it is an even nicer activity when you have pretty things to bake with! I realised over the weekend that I now have a small collection of pastel baking-ware and thought I would share it with you.

DSC_3598First up is my pretty blue mixing bowl! This was a gift from my Mum last year that she picked up for me after I mentioned that I didn’t have a mixing bowl. She’s pretty wonderful in that way! I love this shade of blue, it is so happy and bright, like summer skies! It is also a really good size and sits comfortably in the crook of your arm when you are doing some serious whisking!

DSC_3606This cupcake-shaped container was also a present. This time from Brenda who acts as an honorary Grandma to me! It is wonderfully kitsch and compliments the blue mixing bowl perfectly. We use it a sweetie jar, and it can hold a whole lot of sweets!

DSC_3600 Finally this spoon set was also a gift from my Mum. She bought them the same time as the mixing bowl. It is only now as I write this that I realise that my entire pastel kitchenware collection is made up of gifts! Just goes to show how good it is to have women of great taste and generosity in your life! I really love these spoons and I want to keep them pristine so I only use them for baking. The wooden spoons we use for general cooking look nothing like these! They have black singe marks and are slightly stained orange in places from too many curry sauces! My baking spoons stay hidden in a drawer and only make an appearance when there is sugar, butter and eggs to deal with!

So that is my entirely-donated and much loved pastel baking collection. Somehow their light and bright colours make weekend baking just that much more cheerful!