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I really enjoy writing these currently posts each month, even if it makes more conscious than ever how quickly time flies! Christmas already feels like a long time ago. Here is what I am up to now that the holiday season is over. Currently I am…

Secretly loving all the snow! Yes, it may have taken me an hour to drive to work last week instead of the usual 20 minutes and yes, I am very scared of slipping on the ice, but boy it is so very pretty! The clouds keep turning this beautiful grey-blue colour in the afternoons and I love sitting at the window watching snow fall. Last Friday Rob and I walked to our local pub for tea and our walk home was so lovely in the frosty air that when we got to our door we decided to do another lap around the street just to stay out a little bit longer!

Reading  Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead. This weighty biography of the man who created the department store has kept me occupied most of January. I finally finished it over the weekend and a Book Bag review will be coming shortly. It has been a fascinating read and has made me want to give the Selfridges TV series another try, I did start on the first season but didn’t really get into it. Maybe now that I know a bit more about the guy I’ll find it more interesting?

Watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Again I took my time with this. When you are enjoying something but know that there are only 26 episodes you have to space it out! We watched the final episode last night, and whilst there are still questions that will never be answered, actually it was a more satisfying end than many other TV series. The story feels complete, the main characters got satisfying arcs, some even got relatively happy endings! It is nice to see a show end properly instead just fizzle out, or worse, become a parody of itself.


Brooding for pets! Until I moved out of my parents house two years ago I have always lived with cats in the house. Being in a pet free house has been a strange change. Life is certainly easier without little monsters demanding food every half hour or insisting on being on the other side of whatever door is closed in the house, but I miss having a cat about the place. If we do get to move this year I think kittens will be on the agenda. In the meantime I just have to make do with cuddles from my friend’s four-legged friends such as this gorgeous dog Toby, who is the softest most gentle giant dog in the world!

Listening to The Green Mile by Stephen King. During the holidays my sleeping pattern was thrown into chaos by too many late nights which left me feeling tired and headachey once I went back to work. I have been making myself go to bed earlier and on top of that been trying to spend less time looking at screens to hopefully bring my sleep back in to order. As I unwind in bed I have been listening to the audio book of the Green Mile. I had forgotten what an incredible story this is and I’ve found that despite it’s scary content, listening to the story has helped me to sleep better. I guess we never grow out of bedtime stories!