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Hello and welcome to Awards Season! With all the red carpet glamour and accolades galore saturating the media at the moment I decided to join in the fun by joining by giving out my own Awards to the best of the best of Disney villainy.

Without further to do here are the results:

The Award for ‘Best Evil Name’ goes to Cruella Deville!

When your name fits in the words cruel and devil you know that you are not destined for cuddles and cupcakes! Not only does Cruella suit her name from monochrome head to stiletto shod toe she has the best introduction song to prove it!

The Award for ‘Worst Hypocrite’ goes to Frollo!

This downright scary villain from the Hunchback of Notre Dame sets armed soldiers on civilians in the name of God, condemning them for every sin he can think of whilst at the same time commissioning actual murders, kidnapping and any form of cruelty he is in the mood for. Without once ever seeing where there might be a problem in his thinking. Scary stuff!

Oh and the song hellfire is the most terrifying Disney song ever!

The Award for ‘Most Persistent Catchphrase’ goes to The Queen of Hearts!

Do you really need me to tell you this?


The Award for ‘Most Droll Delivery’ goes to Jafar!

Now this was a toss up between Jafar and Scar but Jafar wins for deadpan delivery when saying he is ‘ecstatic’ to meet Prince Ali A Boo Boo.

The Award for ‘Most Gruesome Death’ goes to Ursula!

Being impaled by a boat then sucked into the sea. Nasty!

The Award for ‘Causing the Most Tears’ goes to Scar!

For orchestrating the death of Mufasa and being responsible for THAT scene that I still can’t watch and remain dry-eyed. Scar, how could you?

The Award for ‘Being Strangely Likable despite Obvious Villainy’ goes to Captain Hook!

Yes, he spends the movie trying to murder children and yet I never want Hook to actually die or be fully defeated. Is it his dandy clothes, his King Charles locks or maybe his frazzled nerves and fear of a clock-eating crocodile that makes him oddly vulnerable? I don’t know, but whatever it is I never get tired of watching him plot, scheme, fail and recover to try it all over again. Never change Hook!


Ok readers over to you! Who have I left out? What awards would you give out to the Big Bads of Disney Movies?