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Ever since we seriously started the process to buy a house (still ongoing!) I have taken an interest in interior design blogs.

At first I really enjoyed looking at the home tours of the wealthy lifestyle bloggers, wedding planners and PR entrepreneurs but six weeks later I have become thoroughly disillusioned. It doesn’t take long for all the featured homes to start to look the same!

Seriously, I flick through homes that are thousands of miles apart geographically and yet you could easily assume they all belonged to the same complex; albeit one with twenty kitchens all complete with breakfast bar and quirky mismatched stools!

Here are the ten interior design cliches that drive me nuts:

(Disclaimer: These cliches drive me nuts on blogs that are supposed to showcase different designs, this is not about how individuals choose to decorate their home. It’s your house do what you like!)

  1. White walls throughout the house

I think this is the main culprit behind all interior design blogs looking the same. They are all white; from entrance hall to attic-office every wall is white. Brilliant white, that makes everything look bright on blog photos and makes every room interchangeable no matter how many times you rotate those metallic accessories.

  1. Grey walls

I promise this list won’t just be about wall colour, but this does need saying. A few years ago people decided that grey was the new neutral. Beige was out, light-grey was in! And it has never gone away. There was an interior design programme on in the UK last year. Each week three designers were given three similar rooms to make over to the satisfaction of three different clients. I thought it would be an interesting look into the differences between interior design. I watched two episodes and then gave up because five out of six of the rooms had been painted grey!

I am nailing my colours to the mast. Grey is no longer an interesting choice as a background base. If you like it, then fine, use it, but if you want to show your creativity, be daring, go back to beige!

  1. Cloak rooms that only have two coats in them

Look at me! My house is so well designed that even the place where we hang our coats and take off our shoes is stylish, spacious and uncluttered!

No! This is wrong. Cloak rooms, mud rooms, whatever you call them are supposed to be a mess! A jumble of mismatched shoes and mystery anoraks that belong to no one.

  1. Chevron rugs

I can’t articulate why these annoy me. I’ve never been a fan of the pattern but seeing them laid out in every white room going really winds me up. Rugs come in more than one pattern. Choose something different.

  1. Shiny gold geometric shapes on cushions and rugs

Again this is linked to the point above. I have noticed that there has been an influx of cushions popping up in design blogs. The most common types are dusty pink with gold Polka dots. The annoying thing is that I actually quite like them, and if I had only seen them once I would probably still like them but now their frequency is bugging me. Flipping through my blogreader has turned into ‘spot the gold Polka dot cushion.’

  1. Too much plant life

I enjoy a vase of flowers as much as the next girl. They cheer the heart and add some natural beauty to a room. What I object to is a home tour that is so crammed full of plant life that I bet that greenfly infestations are a real problem! Do people really have elaborate flower displays in the downstairs loo or drape garlands from their kitchen shelves even when it isn’t Christmas? Isn’t it a lot of work to maintain a dozen flower arrangements around the house?

  1. Big mirrors propped up on top of fireplaces.

Pure laziness. Mirrors should be hung up properly not just lent against the wall at just the right height to crush a small child should one stomp too vigorously in front of the fireplace! Seriously, everyone knows it’s seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror, why would you not secure them in place? Mavericks!

  1. Tablescapes

The more room you use for candles, napkins and forest boughs, the less room you have for food. You need to sort your priorities out!

  1. Where is all your stuff?

Now I do understand this. In the half hour before someone comes to visit us, I race through the house and tidy everything away so that the visitors will think we are normal people. I am sure that instinct must be much stronger when you are showing your home on the internet. But still, I just think it would be nice sometime to see a house that feels like people might really live there. People with stuff, who watch DVDs, read books that aren’t just coffee table books or leave dishes in the draining board next to the sink. I want to see that kind of home!

  1. White sofas

They are just a bad idea. Sofas are for snacking, entertaining, cuddling, relaxing, napping, drooling, sniffling….How are you supposed to use a sofa to it’s maximum potential when you are constantly fretting about staining it?


I feel so much better for getting that off my chest!

OK, so they are my pet peeves in design blogs, do you disagree? Got any of your own? Have you found any great design blogs that avoid the clichés? Add your thoughts in the comments!