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20150201_135519The sun came out again last weekend which meant another opportunity to grab an OOTD photo! I would like to do more of these but I still find posing for outfit photos very awkward, especially in public! But I really love reading OOTD posts on other blogs and I enjoy dipping my toes into the weird and wonderful world of style, so I will persevere!

Today’s outfit is a pretty staple style choice for me – full skirted dress that falls above the knee, cardigan, black tights and shiny black shoes with a little heel. I wear this look or something similar probably three or four days out of each week. I find it is a pretty look with minimal effort!

editThe dress is a couple of years old and is from ASOS, which is my go-to place for day dress shopping. I have another dress in exactly the same cut except that one is in a plain navy blue. I love the way the skirt falls in loose pleats and it has three-quater length sleeves with some gentle ruching. Oh and the roses on the print are beautiful! The remind me of the painted flower designs that you see a lot of in Lancashire on the boats that travel on the canals!

The cardigan is from Hobbs and I have worn it so much that it is in danger of loosing its shape now!

20150201_135801Although it was sunny, it was also very cold on Sunday, which meant that we only got one photo of the dress without the cardigan before I got too cold and had to put my layers back on! But at least the wind got to demonstrate the flow of the dress!